Bill Irwin's Research

Magnetic distortion disrupts orientation behavior in hatchling loggerhead sea turtles

(Updated for easier viewing 4/21/05)

Wave orientation in juvenile green turtles

(New! 4/20/05)

Magnetic pulse disrupts orientation behavior

(Updated for easier viewing 4/21/05)

Sun compass orientation in hatchling loggerhead sea turtles

(New - temporatry poster 4/20/05)

Localization of the magnetoreception system

(Updated for easier viewing 4/21/05)

Protective cages alter the magnetic field around developing sea turtle eggs

(Updated for easier viewing 4/21/05)

Hatchling sea turtles have an innate preferred orientation heading

(Coming soon)

Orientation behavior and sensory biology of horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus)

(Under construction)

Software development for behavior studies

New images (4/20/05)

Miscellaneous sea turtle research

(New photos with details to follow)

Hardware development for behavior studies

(Coming soon)

Other critters

(Coming soon)

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