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Pedro Vernet P.Sea turtle research, conservation, mitigation of impacts, community work, education and training. Since 1979 in the Venezuelan Caribbean. Investigación, conservación, mitigación de impactos, comunidades, educación y capacitación en tortugas marinas y sus hábitats desde 1979 en el Caribe venezolano
Sea Turtles Costa Rica
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Research in Costa Rica about sea turtles
seaturtles-sy.comsea turtles
PRICTMADespite individual efforts of each group, the advance in the biological knowledge about Marine Turtles was slow, making this difficult to find and establish suitable conservation strategies. In 2000, these groups began to interact and in 2003 they concreted the Regional Program of investigation and conservation of Marine Turtles in Argentine (PRICTMA). Two work meetings were done, where they discussed and worked out a diagnosis report to determinate the present knowledge about the different species of Marine Turtles in Argentine, setting up the basis for the creation of PRICTMA. The main aim of this program is to optimize and to strengthens the information got individually, forming a common pool of Knowledge, that let us make more significant advances in the investigation and conservation of Marine Turtles in Argentine. As well as being able to determinate the existence of feeding areas and establish the concordance with handmade fishing areas activities and commercial trawling on Buenos Aires Coast, to contribute with the Regional efforts for the conservation of Marine Turtles in the South-Western Atlantic Sea
North Myrtle Beach Sea TurtlesEducating and protecting the endangered species of the Loggerhead Sea Turtles.
Lowcountry TurtleheadsExperiences, photos, and ramblings of a first time turtlehead.
Amanda CassI am a conservation biologist currently working on my dissertation. I am interested in landscape ecology, geographic information systems, population modeling, demographic analysis, animal behavior, environmental education and conservation of threatened and endangered coastal and marine species.
Bethke Elementary SchoolWe are located in Timnath, Colorado. About 450 students ranging from kindergarten to 5th Grade.
Sea Turtles of Guinea EcuatorialResearch and Conservation Sea Turtle of the Guinea Ecuatorial - TOMAGE Project.
www.fuerteventurabiosfera.esFuerteventura Biospher Reserve program to reintroduce caretta caretta in the Cofete beach Canary Islands
Sea Turtle in BangladeshThis is an approach to provide as much informations of sea turtles from Bangladesh including major types, available species, breeding grounds, approximate population size, major threats, country's conservation initiatives and so on.
De los sueos al MarEl sueo de poder convivir en l...
Post rehabilitation successPost rehabilitation success of the release of turles that have been in care for extended periods of time. With the use of satellite trackers these turtles can be monitored for release success. The turtles have been found sick or injured from the Great Barrier Reef waters or beaches off Cape York Penninsula and taken to Cairns turtle rehabilitation centre where they are cared for until ready for release. Cairns turtle rehabilitation centre is a charitable organisation that relys on public and corporate funding.
Rehabilitated Olive RidleysThese Olive Ridely turtles were washed up on the east coast of Cape York Penninsula. They were a few of the many victims of ghost nets. These nets are of South East Asian origin and drift down into the Gulf of Carpenteria on the Summer monsoon. The turtles were collected by the MApoon and Negnum rangers, and rehabilitated at the Pennyfarther turtle centre before release.
Atlantic RisingWe are an ambitious environmental education project currently in the middle of a 32 000km circumnavigation of the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way we are making films and educational materials for 15000 students in our network of schools (drawn from different countries around the ocean rim). We are very interested in turtles as exemplars of species which might be affected by climate change. Would be keen to collaborate with any projects on the Atlantic coastline who are interested. Our website is Will
msv-nicaragua.deGerman non-profit-org. We start aour projects in the north-west part of Nicaragua. We generate two nesting-places at Reservates Estero Padre Ramos in Nicaragua - Start 2010.
www.costaricaanimals.orgsea turtle protection and conservation, wildlife rescue, reforestation, & conservation education to implement necessary changes in locals' respect for animal rights. Rainsong has now begun an intensive sea turtle protection project on the beaches of Manzanilla de Cobano, Costa Rica. These beaches are a nesting home to the leatherback, the olive ridley, and the hawksbill. We are also helping to protect the reef offshore that attracts the sea turtles. We need to network with other sea turtle lovers to help us in this effort, as volunteers, fundraisers, organizers. Our volunteers enjoy a homestay atmosphere in the homes of members of the community. The cost for the volunteers for lodging and meals is only $35 per week, plus a $20 donation to the project. Total volunteers' costs per week is only $55, plus any necessary transportation costs! Rainsong staff has created the Manzanilla Ladies' Conservation Group, to empower the community to protect the sea turtles that come to their beaches and live in the sea off Manzanilla. The group also helps organize local volunteers for the sea turtle patrols. Rainsong now offers scholarships to local students who are unable to attend elementary or high school due to their families' financial difficulties. Although education is provided by the government in Costa Rica, the uniforms and materials are not provided. The mandatory costs for uniforms, materials, tuitions, etc. are a serious burden to many families, whose children are unable to attend school due to this hardship. Details on this program can be viewed on the blog on the website. We need your help to continue this program. We have also organized the ladies to begin reforestation projects in the area, also cottage industries crafting arts & crafts to market for funding more students' scholarships. All Rainsong sponsored students contribute time to the Rainsong sea turtle protection project, along with their families. They also enjoy many special opportunities, including private tutors, english classes, and training in many conservation skills and methods. Our goal is to educate ambassadors of conservation to spread environmental awareness and resolutions to the communities in our area and throughout Costa Rica. For more info on our conservation education programs in Costa Rica, visit
TCP Sri LankaFive species of marine turtles are still being exploited in Sri Lanka for their eggs and their meat. Coastal communities of Sri Lanka have to depend on their surrounding natural resources for their survival as they live in a third worlds developing country. The Turtle Conservation Project (TCP) of Sri Lanka realized the chain connection between the coastal communities and coastal resources, which heavily depend on each other. Therefore, the TCP aims to provide alternatives to the coastal communities and to increase awareness on sustainable use of natural resources. TCP seeks the support from organizations and individuals who wish to join their hands with TCP to continue its community based conservation programs in Sri Lanka. Please contact us at or
Eco Educadores de B.C.S.Dedicado a la educacion sobre la tortuga marina para comunidades costeras en Mexico. Estamos en Todos Santos, B.C.S., pero trabajamos en todo la region del Pacifico. Queremos tus ideas y sugerencias sobre materiales y programas. Estoy desarollando un programa de educacion para una Maestria en la Universidad de Guadalajara. Bienvenidos!!
Lets Protect Turtles in Pacific IsNi sa bula everyone. This website is inspired by my PhD studies on the legal standing of turtle protection in the Pacific Islands, including indigenous rights protection. As a scientist and policy maker, i see merits in a holistic approach to turtle conservation. Please feel free to contribute and share through this website.
Turtle IslanderA place to share turtle news and personal experiences with turtles. Other than helping a snapping turtle cross the road, I don't have much to offer yet ... but hopefully soon, I will have some things to share! I do love turtles!
Vanda Mendona, PhD - WebpageSea Turtle Ecology and Conservation in the Northwestern Indian Ocean: Nesting Ecology; Turtle-Predator Interactions; Turtle-Prey Interactions.
Thunder Moon and Empty EggsThis site is a place for me to share my love of nature and to show how we are all bound, undeniably, by a total life force. It is a testament to the power of the Thunder Moon and a clutch of empty sea turtle eggs.
A turtles life!This website is going to be about how all the different kinds of turtles live. Also the seven types of turtles. Also about pictures of turtles and their names and their history of how I found them.
STE 3A site that supports turtles that is inspired by kids. Originally inspired by a real turtle in the Pacific Ocean off of Hawaii. This turtle is named Melvin. Anyone who was swam with a real Green Sea Turtle like myself shares the passion I feel for these amazing creatures. Turtles also carry other amazing personalities and loyalties.p.s. STE 3 stands for Save the Earth, Environment, and Endangered, because all three concern the amazing Sea Turtle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Baobab TrustThe Baobab Sea Turtle Project has engaged local fishermen on the Mombasa coastline in kenya. Fishermen are rewarded for protecting turtle nests and eggs. In 2008, we protected 195 nests, and over 19,500 eggs.

The Baobab Trust was set up by UN Global 500 Laureate Dr. Rene Haller in 1991 as a non-profit organisation that works closely with the local communities. Using his knowledge in developing sustainable eco-systems, the Trust builds on his experience through education, training and community initiatives.

The Baobab Trust engages in a variety of projects aimed at helping people live and work while conserving the environment.

Turtle for lifeAnyone who has ever seen a sea turtle will understand the impressive beauty and stature surrounding this gigantic species. Sea turtles have been in the midst of danger for some time, and unfortunately many have been lost due to the actions of human beings. I would like to create a learning community which focusses on conserving these beautiful creatures. My goal in selecting this project is to sensitize people starting with my students at Cayman academy as to the importance of preserving these endangered species that are endemic to the Cayman Islands.
Episkopi TurtlewatchCyprus based conservation group. Focus is on protecting nests in situ, safeguarding nesting beaches and encouraging responsible human behaviour in mating and nesting areas.
Ocean Spirits IncOcean Spirits is a local non-profit, non-government organisation devoted to the protection of Grenadas natural environment through education, research and generation of sustainable, community based Eco-tourism practices! We offer seasonal volunteer opportunities for individuals seeking to work with sea turtles, local communities and educational programmes.
Children Of A Future GenerationAlternative Lifestyle for GHB Addiction
Soceity for Save the Nature (SSN)The main aim of the organization is to conserve sea turtles, nature and natural resources of Bangladesh.
Fundacin Tierra IbricaLa Fundacin Tierra Ibrica, creada en 2006, se constituye como una organizacin sin nimo de lucro, que desarrolla sus actividades principalmente en la Comunidad Autnoma de Castilla y Len (Espaa), si bien su mbito territorial de actuacin abarca la totalidad del Estado Espaol, as como pases en vas de desarrollo, principalmente del frica occidental. Sus fines son la defensa del medio ambiente, la conservacin de los recursos naturales, la cooperacin para el desarrollo de sociedades y grupos humanos desfavorecidos, la promocin de modelos de desarrollo sostenible y la educacin ambiental. Para ello trabajamos en varios tipos de actividades, que incluyen: Proyectar y ejecutar actividades relacionadas con la conservacin, proteccin y mejora de la naturaleza. Planificar y realizar proyectos de cooperacin internacional al desarrollo, integrando aspectos medioambientales (conservacin de recursos naturales, desarrollo sostenible) y sociales (lucha contra la pobreza, ecoturismo). Divulgar y sensibilizar a la poblacin sobre temas de ndole medioambiental como la conservacin de la biodiversidad, el uso racional de los recursos y el desarrollo sostenible. Editar documentos y publicaciones de carcter divulgativo, tcnico y cientfico.
FLORIDA TURTLES!Pet Turtles to Sea Turtles around Florida.
Greggy Girl TurtleGreggy Girl is the second turtle to be tracked via satellite in the 2008 Bonaire turtle nesting season. Found while nesting on Klein Bonaire on August 2, 2008, shes the fifteenth turtle to be outfitted with a transmitter since the turtle tracking program began in 2003. Full Sponsorship provided by JMFA-Greggy Girl, Inc. home to the popular children's clothing label, Greggy Girl. For more information visit
Turtle FollowerI am just a woman who loves sea turtles and enjoys tracking their progress. I will try to keep up to date on as many as I can, but my heart is truly watching Ursula,a Kemp's Ridley, who is leaving my home state of Maine and going to Mexico.
Sea Turtles Research in IndiaThis site helps to find the relevant information on sea turtle research over the past. Effort is taken to incorporate all the articles. If you find any missing, mail to me. I will update it.
Sea Turtle FoundationSea Turtle Foundation, previously known as the Indo-Pacific Sea Turtle Conservation Group, was formed to help protect sea turtles, and to address the many threats they face. You can read more about sea turtles and the these threats on our website: We achieve our aim through education, monitoring, research support and advocacy.
Sumatra's sea turtle conservationSea turtle conservation in South Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Protecting nesting leatherbacks, greens and hawksbills on the remote islands of Pulau Banyak.
BHIC Project......TAVIS V.A website to promote seaturtleprotection on BHI.
Love-Sea TurtleStudying the turtle egg incubation,for better breeding.Also research about Growth and Sexual maturity on Chelonia mydas, Eretmochelys imbricata and Caretta caretta.
Blue Turtle - A sea turtle websiteA website all about sea turtles.
Sea Turtles in EgyptThis website will contain useful resources on marine turtles in Egypt. This will include research papers, pictures and useful contacts.
Jean Jang's professional webpagePlease visit: to view an overview of my professional experiences working with wildlife and a project conducted in Ostional Wildlife Refuge working with Olive Ridley Sea turtles.
Tartarugas Marinhas em Cabo VerdeIniciativa de Gesto Integrada de Tartarugas Marinhas na Ilha de Santiago - CABO VERDE, levada a cabo pela Universidade do Algarve, com o apoio do Oceanrio de Lisboa, SA.
Volunteering & Conservation in MexVolunteering Programs and Wildlife Conservation Projects in Mexico by GAP Experience & Conservation
AbibeSea Turtle is good
Juliarta Bramansa Ottay Page'swebpage was build to acomodate the publication, progress on current activities and disburse of information regarding seaturtle conservation in Indonesia within my area of work. Publisher work for seaturtle in central borneo, west java and jakarta. hopefully the progress will be simoultant.
Sea turtles in New-caledoniaLiving on a island gives you a lot of opportunities to be in contact with a lot of marine species but also lots of turtles
Mlanie Hamel (BSc, MSc)I'm Mlanie Hamel, French conservation biologist working around the Pacific. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information about my work experience.
Eli Saddler, JD, MPH, MAWebsite for Eli Saddler and work on sea turtle conservation.
Santos, RGPersonal web site. Contains my publications and contact.
Projecto UNIDASea Turtles and So Tom e Prncipe
Sea Turtle Research and EducationCurrently a grad student at Duke University pursuing a career in sea turtle conservation
the turtle tour newsArtist dedicated to raising awareness and funding for sea turtle conservation. John Arnold has created a unique brand of art based outreach projects and has acheived national recogntion for innovative sea turtle themed art and graphic projects. A skilled artist and presenter, John has funded such national productions as PBS's 2005 'Window to the Sea' and is currently touring major US aquariums with his art and ecozoic philosophy.
Turtle bycatch report - KenyaContains report that presents and discusses the research findings of the first 6 years of Watamu Turtle Watch's sea turtle bycatch release programme in a Kenyan artisanal fishery. Programme evaluation and suggestions on the way forward in dealing with the sea turtle bycatch issue are also considered. Visit for further information on the project.
Save the Turtles of ParisminaCurrently our webiste is under construction. Please check back soon for new information. Thank you
Sea TurtlesThe site will provide photos of seaturtles.
C. LenerLoggerhead satellite tracking project Mote Marine Lab in SW Florida, Casey Key 2005-07.
Kim Reich's Homepageeventually... my personal web site. Iformation about myself, my current research interests, my CV, and other more personal materials (e.g. publications, photos,links...)
AusTurtleA non-profit organisation supporting sea turtle research and conservation in Australia
Seaturtle - srilankaTo develop links and sustainable relations with interested groups on ses turtle conservation. To protect , conserve and research on sea turtle in south western coast of Sri Lanka Please contact.
Bogue Banks Sea Turtle ProjectThis website introduces the Bogue Banks Sea Turtle Project, a research project funded by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. The BB Sea Turtle Project website is updated periodically to alert friends and volunteers of sea turtle activity on the island of Bogue Banks, developments in the beach renourishment research conducted by the BB Project, and any interesting sea turtle experiences occurring on Bogue Banks.
Bill Irwin's HomepageResearch projects with sea turtles and other animals; software and hardware development for behavioral studies
Matthew H. GodfreyPublications, reviews, etc. all available in electronic format!
Argos Tools for Arcview GIS 3.xThis is an Arcview 3.x extension which reads Argos files and has flexible filters to eliminate bad fixes.
incubatineffect between the taslocating of nests and livening rate in the sea turtle black , Chelonia agasissi, in the colola beach, Michoacan, Mexico.
Proyecto Carey Dominican RepublicDominican Republic Hawksbill Project. Description, major findings, maps, sponsors, and acknoledgements.
DRUMTURTLEStories and information about Sea Turtle conservation efforts from Japan
Green Sea TurtlesJust starting to make it, but its my first website so I need some help. Especially in putting pictures on it. Feel free to give me pointers! They would be greatly appreciated!
Dean Hey's Sea Turtle Advocacy SiteI try to keep up with the latest changes in the sea turtle websites I am collecting in a database, but I could certainly use your help. If you have any websites you feel I should include, feel free to send the URL to me at along with a brief description. Thanks in advance for assisting me.
Coop. Medit. Monitoring ProgrammeA Cooperative Mediterranean Monitoring Programme on Sea Turtle Interaction with Fisheries and Relative Abundance
Sea Turtle ResearchSea turtle research from an FAU student and sea turtle volunteer (sea turtle nurse)
Turtles' problemsIt's site about many things that can happen to turtles. For example Destroying their habitat.
Hawthorne_Hornets_Room_18Best 6th grade class in Oregon
TotEM - Turtles of the Eastern Med'A site with information on sea Turtles of the Eastern Mediterranean. Here you'll find advice on what to do if you find a tag. What projects are running where, and information about ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece.
Corinne Martin's homepagePersonal web site. Contains information about myself, my academic training (Doctorate on marine turtles), my current research interests, and other more personal materials (e.g. photos, links...).
www.marinecreatures.comROWAN BYRNES HOMEPAGE with Rosalie Sea Turtle Initiative Dominica West Indies
North Carolina Sea TurtlesStories/Pictures/of Sea Turtles Nesting on the Outer Banks of North Carolina,and links to other sites filled with the latest information/updates/and progress being made on the behalf of Endangered Sea Turtles.
Sealife on the Puget SoundSealife classes are taught at the Poulsbo Marine Science Center.Call 360-551-1570 Ask for Darlene to set up classes.
southeast Alaska amphibiansjust a little info on southeast Alaska amphibians
MarineLife Alliancesea turtle saving in Bangladesh
Steve Everhart's Home PageMy site. I have recently added some pages with links to photos of my students at the 1999-2001 Symposia.
Michael Coyne's Personal SiteMore of my stuff!

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